Novice Triathlete Programme

If you are planning on becoming a triathlete, or are relatively new to triathlon and want help with a structured training plan, then this is for you!

Each year we run a 12-week programme, aimed at novices or those who want to follow a structured training plan, enabling you to go from Tri newbie (or almost newbie) to Tri finisher at the Thames Turbo sprint triathlon. The full programme & coaching is yours for the ridiculously cheap price of FREE to members!

The training programme has been put together one of our most successful club triathletes and BTF coach, Alys Mathew. 

2017 Programme

The 2017 programme has been our most successful year yet - a massive congratulations to everyone who took part! Unfortunately this does mean the programe is finished for the year, but it will return in early 2018.

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