Winter Only     

Thursday Spin

We operate a high intensity indoor cycle Interval session on Thursday nights IN THE WINTER ONLY.


The session starts at 8pm

709 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 5UL


The only equipment needed is comfortable workout attire:

 - padded cycling shorts and trainers.

 - Shoes and SPD cleats are available at no extra cost. 
 - moisture-wicking tops 

 - heart rate monitor will help you get the most from every workout 

 - sweat towel and water in a sports bottle is ESSENTIAL 

Why Spin?
A recent study found that interval training done twice a week for a month improved racers' 40k time-trial performances by 5 percent and boosted their peak power output by 3 percent

If you find intervals too complicated, Why not let the Clapham Chasers help. We provide a led interval session on stationary bikes each week at the brand new Spin Studio Ride republic in Fulham

Who can attend?

Open to members and non-members. Members get priority, non-members will be able to sign up on the Thursday and not before.

£5 for Members

£7 for Non-Members

More information

For any queries about this session, please contact:

  • cycling.chasers@outlook.com


The session costs £5/£7 and payment must be received in advance of attendance, the maximum number of bikes is 30.

Click Here to Pay



Booking's for the weeks session will open on Monday and you can book ahead for the following weeks session up until 19:45 on Thursday for that evening’s session.


There will be no refunds once you've paid and you fail to turn up.


When you arrive at RideRepublic reception please sign in grab a coffee and chat in the bar. 


We are free to use all facilities in the studio


Sessions are only lead and there is no coaching, drills will be posted and a leader will give prompts from the front of the class to help.


If you have any reason to believe that you may have health or medical issues (including sports injuries), which may affect your ability to exercise then you must seek medical advice before participating in the spin class.


Please note by registering for this class you acknowledge, that it is your duty to exercise ordinary care for the protection of you and other participants while attending classes with the Clapham Chasers. You assume the risk of physical activity with your own physical condition. You have received advice from your doctor that you are capable of physical exercise such as provided by Clapham Chasers, or you will seek such advice, or you will assume the risk of exercising without a doctor’s examination. This disclaimer continues to be effective as long as you are taking classes with Clapham Chasers

Further you acknowledge that you take complete responsibility for your presence at Clapham Chaser sessions and will not hold any session leader responsible for any injuries or loss you may incur as a result of your participation in any class.

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