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Running Tips from our Club Sponsor Bodylogic

Technique for Runners

  • Arms – Keep rotation to a minimum as it wastes energy. Aim to keep your elbows around 80-90° for maximum efficiency.
  • Body – try to eliminate any significant forward lean and run upright. Try to also minimise the rotation of your trunk. For example with a forward lean you are more likely to over-stride, therefore increasing contact time with the floor, but also increasing the stress through the lower limb which can lead to injury. Try standing taller and see if you feel the difference.

  • Legs – the four main stages of the leg cycle are: hip extension, heel lift, knee drive, and landing underneath your hip. Hip extension is a crucial part of the leg cycle that is often missed, however it allows you to utilise your Glutes more efficiently to carry you forward faster and facilitate the rest of your leg cycle and your heel lift.  

  • BODYLOGIC OFFER: A free biomechanical running assessment to analyse the efficiency of your technique. In addition, have an extra session free when purchasing a block of 6 sessions running sessions.  


  • It is important to remember that our nutrition when training and during long events will be paramount to how we perform and reach our goals. Often we may not feel hungry, thirsty, or low in energy, until we are depleted and it is too late.

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  • Pre Exercise – Ensure you’ve consumed enough energy through your diet throughout the day; lack of energy leads to lack of performance. Try to find your optimal time span for how long before exercise you need to eat - this will differ from person to person depending on your rate of digestion. On average this is usually between 1.5 - 2 hours

  • Post Exercise – It is important to replenish your energy stores with foods that contain proteins and carbohydrates. This will ensure your muscle energy stores become topped up for your next session. Bare

  • in mind any salts that you have lost through sweat as well.

  • BODYLOGIC OFFER: A free 30 minute nutritional consultation for advice on your distance and event.

The Importance of Strength Training

  • Injury Prevention – by improving your muscle imbalances and compensations you will move better, more functionally and therefore reduce the risk of injuries caused by bad posture or weak tissues.

  • Improve daily life– adults who do not do any strength exercises lose between 1 – 2 pounds of muscle every year. Running will improve cardiovascular fitness but only strength exercise maintains strength and stability to optimise performance and movement health for everyday living activities.

  • Improve bone health - The effects of strength exercise are similar for muscle tissue and bone tissue. The same training stimulus that increases muscle density also increases bone density and mineral content. Scientists have demonstrated significant increases in the bone mineral density after 4 months of strength exercise.

  • BODYLOGIC OFFER: An initial physiotherapy assessment for £50 (normally £65). Additionally, a 5% discount when you buy a block of 4 physiotherapy sessions.

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