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Monday Track / Multi-Sport (Battersea)

Apologies but due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not currently hosting Monday Track

Start Time - 19:00 (There will be some drills/warm-up and activation drills in some sessions taking approximately 10-15 minutes)

Meeting point - 200m line, just inside the track 

Monday Track sessions take place at Battersea Park Millennium Arena. The track charges £4.50 which includes use of the showers and changing rooms (lockers £1 coin refunded).

·         Please be warmed up for the session

·         When running on the track please keep single file in lane 1 unless overtaking

·         When you are finishing a rep please clear the track immediately 

The session:

Monday sessions are slightly longer in distance due to their target audience.  Intensity and other scaling will be provided to cater for runners of all abilities with the aim of contributing to overall running efficiency and fitness.

Most sessions are loosely based on V02 max speed. i.e. your 5km pace. This session will improve your ability to transport oxygen which is then used to break down fuels which ultimately control your energy and pace.

Training Phases:

Clapham Chasers aim to provide not just varied training sessions but also training progression based on typical competition seasons. To support this we have broken the track training calendar down into phases, with each phase developing towards the peak of that season. If you don't happen to be training for a race that phase was designed for don't worry, just adapt the speed and repetitions to suit your focus. You can always ask our advice on our Facebook page. The phases are:

- January to April: Half Marathon & Marathon

- End of April to October: Multi-Sport, Triathlon

- November to December: Cross Country

The below sessions are generally intended for more experienced runners and sessions will be scaled to runner ability and general needs. Where necessary, coaching input and further support will be provided.


17/02 – 20x 200m off 15sec

24/02 – 3x (1200m, 800m, 400m) (off 30, 15, 30sec)


2/03 – 6x 800m off 45sec

9/03 – 4x 1600m off 90sec

16/03 – 5x (800m, 400m) (off 45sec)

23/03 – 8x (400m, 200m, 200m) (off 15, 15, 45sec)

30/03 – 12x 400m off 30sec


6/04 – 8x 800m off 45sec

13/04 – 5x 1200m off 90sec

20/04 – 8x (800m, 200m) (200m Roll-off) off 45secs

27/04 – 5x 1600m off 90sec

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