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Wednesday Hills

This session involves running up and down local hills on a Wednesday evening and is suitable for all abilities. 

Hill sessions are a great way to improve running economy, leg strength and VO2 max.  While south west London is far from Alpine, we've found a few good routes to run these sessions on.

The sessions start at 19:15 each Wednesday.  We meet at the Trinity Fields Clubhouse then jog together to the start of the hill.

Trinity Fields is on the corner of Burntwood Lane and Beechcroft Road (see map here).  There are toilets and storage space in the Clubhouse, and while everything is securely locked when we set off, possessions are left in the clubhouse at your own risk.

We always have a session leader, so there is always someone on hand to answer any questions you may have.  There is also a session briefing before we set off, confirming which route we are doing and want you should be aiming to do at each session.

For those of you with a competitive instinct, there are some Strava segments on the hills we use with a weekly leader board of fastest times on each hill segment. Unfortunately, these are always uphill rather downhill segments :)

Details of each session will be posted on the facebook page in the days leading up to the session, but the core routes are listed below.

For further details please contact session leader Ellie Andrews at e_andrews1993@hotmail.com

Date Route Session start point (always meet at clubhouse first - 19.15)

Northcote Switchbacks Cobham Close 10 hill reps, continuous efforts running hard up each hill with jog recoveries down. Warm up and down, 1 mile from the clubhouse.

Magdalen Road Magdalen Road (Earlsfield) 8 x approx 0.25 miles up Magdalen Road, jog recovery. Group w/u and w/d to and from the clubhouse (around 1 mile).
  Northcote Hill Sprints Cobham Close Uphill sprint efforts, with slow jog recoveries, session lasts 30 mins so generally between 9-12 efforts depending on fitness. 1 mile warm up and warm down.

Home Park Road Home Park Road 3 x 3 steep 45 second sprints, 2.5 warm up and warm down to and from the clubhouse. (Longest session when including w/u and w/d).

The Tonsleys Birdhirst Road (Wandsworth town) Hard efforts up 4 different hills totalling 7 efforts, keeping the pace hard between the top of each hill and beginning to go downhill for the recovery. Group w/u and w/d to and from the clubhouse (around 1.5 miles).

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