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Super Saturday

Apologies but due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not currently hosting Super Saturday

Start Time - 08:00

Location - Battersea Park, Clapham Common, some random patch of grass & mud, it will vary depending on the session

A new session for 2018, focused on improving the performance of our faster runners. Aimed at those with PBs better than the following:

  • 5k in under 19 minutes
  • 10k in under 40 minutes
  • Half-Marathon in under 1:25
  • Marathon in under 3 hours

The session:

The aim is to have similar paced runners training together and logging some high quality miles. The session will generally be speed-endurance and race pace work, similar to the Thursday Tempo session only longer and without as many breaks.

The session will be designed to compliment the midweek Track, Hill and Tempo sessions, being broken up into training blocks covering Marathons/HMs, XC and summer road racing.

To begin with the session will run every 2-3 weeks due to various racing commitments (we also recognise the importance of having a social life!)

Details of each weeks session will be posted to our members-only facebook group.

Training Phases:

Clapham Chasers aim to provide not just varied training sessions but also training progression based on typical competition seasons. To support this we have broken the training calendar down into phases, with each phase developing towards the peak of that season. If you don't happen to be training for a race that phase was designed for don't worry, just adapt the speed and/or duration to suit your focus. You can always ask our advise on our Facebook page. The phases are:

- August to November: Shorter distance, 10K & Half Marathon

- November to January: Cross Country

- January to end March: Half Marathon & Marathon

- April to end July: Road & Track Running

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