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Build up to Brighton


Are you new to cycling?

Are you a cyclist wanting to improve your fitness or build your confidence? 

Then our Build up to Brighton novice cycling program is for you!  The program starts in January and does exactly what the name suggests; getting you ready to join our London to Brighton ride in April.  

“What does the novice cycling program involve?” 

- Sunday morning rides. These will be the core of the plan, building up distance and climbing every week (we will learn to love hills) and including those all important mid-way coffee (cake) stops 

- Group cycling skills: practice to improve your confidence on the roads and in a group

- Maintenance session. How to keep your bike clean and change your inner tube if you get a puncture

- A shorter midweek session for fitness 

- London to Brighton Ride! (Easter 2019)

“Sounds great, how do I sign up?" 

Join Clapham Chasers here and search Build up to Brighton on our members Facebook page.  

“How much does it cost?"   

Nothing!  The program is free to all club members.

"When can I start?" 

January, look out for weekly posts about Sunday morning rides, and keep an eye out for a January social. 

"Can I bring my friends?"  

Of course! Get them to become a member of Clapham Chasers and bring them along

“Other questions I haven’t thought of yet” – ask away at cycling.chasers@gmail.com

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