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Monday Social Run

Apologies but due to Covid-19 restrictions this session is available to members only in tiers 1-3

The Monday social run is suitable for all abilities, you just need to be confident you can manage the distance to participate in this run, regardless of pace!  It is a great opportunity to get to know other members, and has a more relaxed feel than some of the more training-focused sessions.

We meet at the Clubhouse at Trinity Fields (on the corner of Burntwood Lane and Beechcroft Road, see map here for a 7:15pm start.  There are toilets and changing space in the Clubhouse, and everything is locked when we set off so you can leave bikes and belongings there while you're running (although please note there are sometimes other organisations using the Clubhouse and Clapham Chasers can't accept responsibility for anything left there).

This session runs every normal Monday, BUT NOT Bank Holiday Mondays, Christmas Eve, or New Year's Eve.  Any changes or unplanned session cancellations are very rare but will be posted here and on our members' Facebook page if they do happen.

Please do introduce yourself at the start if you are new.  We always have two session leaders, a "Novice+" leader, and two "Novice" leaders, so there is always someone on hand to answer any questions you may have!  There is also a session briefing before we set off, confirming which route we are doing and who our pacers will be.

We split into 3 groups:

  • Continuous Group: There are several pacers, often in hi-viz Chaser tops, who know the route.  It will be made clear at the initial briefing what pace they are running, which usually ranges from 6.30-8:45 minute miles.  Simply stick with the pacer that suits you on the night.
  • Novice+ Group: This is a great opportunity to move up from the Novice group.  It is continuous, but runs between 8:45-9 minute miles.
  • "Novice" Group: The approximate pace for this group is 9 minute miles and above.  The group will stop to regroup (and have a breather if needed!) at designated points along the route.  There will also be a leader at the front and a sweeper at the back, so no-one ever gets left behind.  If you can run the distance, you can do this session!

PLEASE OBSERVE THE THE HIGHWAY CODE AND USE COMMON SENSE AT THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS AND ANY ROAD CROSSINGS. In addition, we DO NOT have right of way - please stay to the left wherever possible and make space for cyclists/other pedestrians.

There are currently 3 routes, and we run them on rotation: 

1. The Commons Route (8.3km, 5.1 miles)

View Large Map - CC Commons Route Map.jpg

Strava Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/19326890

Download GPX File : CC Commons Route.gpx

2. The Tooting Route (8.7km, 5.4 miles)

View Large Map - CC Tooting Route Map.jpg

Strava Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/19326705

Download GPX File : CC Tooting Route.gpx

3. The Windmill Route (8.6km, 5.3 miles)

View Large Map - CC Windmill Route Map.jpg

Strava Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/19326431

Download GPX File : CC Windmill Route.gpx

Minutes per Mile v Minutes per Kilometer Table

If you have any questions about the Monday social run, please just contact Cat on catdneave@gmail.com.

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