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Road Running


We have a very strong background in road running and we’re keen to help runners of all abilities reach new heights.

Outside of our Marathon Club (which runs from January through until the spring marathons), the club’s road running activity is primarily focussed on:

  • South of England Athletic Association Road Relays
  • Surrey Road League

Further information on each is provided below, together with details of key training sessions and contact details for the club’s captains.


All of the club’s core training sessions will provide a good fitness base for road running, with the majority of races focussed on distances up to 10k:




 Start Time


Club Run

Trinity Fields




Battersea Park




Battersea Park




Trinity Fields


If you are a particularly competitive runner or are looking to hit a new personal best, you should aim to attend the track session every week and either the tempo or interval session on a Thursday. These sessions focus on building speed and speed endurance – the essential ingredients for a successful race!

Outside of the core training, we often use the Self Transcendence races in Battersea Park for some hard training runs. A series of races are held over the summer on Monday nights, with events including 2 miles, 5k and 3 x 1 mile relays. 

Further details on these events can be found at: http://uk.srichinmoyraces.org/races/london

South of England Athletic Association Road Relays

The South of England Athletic Association (SEAA) Road Relays are the premier events on the running calendar for the top running clubs:

  • 6/12 Stage Relays: Typically held in Milton Keynes in March. The women’s team is made up of 6 runners with each runner running a 5km leg. The men’s team is made up of 12 men who run alternating legs of 5 miles and 5km each.
  • 4/6 Stage Relays: Typically held in Aldershot in September. The women’s team is made up of 4 runners with each runner running a 3.85km leg. The men’s teams is made up of 6 runners with each runner running a 6km leg.

These relay events usually attract very strong fields and are therefore more suitable for the stronger runners in the club (sub 22 minute 5k for women and sub 18 minute 5k for men). National championships are usually held a couple of weeks after the SEAA events, with qualification required only for the men’s team (the women automatically qualify).

The club handles entry to these events and you need to be affiliated to England Athletics to compete. Further details on affiliation with England Athletics can be found here.

As the club has strengthened and grown over the years, we have increasingly focussed on these events. For the first time in the club’s history we sent both a men’s team and a women’s team to the National Championships in 2013. We are very keen to build on this success and encourage all of our strongest runners to target these races.

Further details about the SEAA Road Relays can be found at: http://www.seaa.org.uk/events/road-running.html

Surrey Road League

Every year, the club participates in the Surrey Road League which is a series of 6 races (see below) held from May to August over varying distances from 5k up to Half Marathon and are organised by other local running clubs in association with the Surrey County Athletic Association.

  • Richmond Half Marathon (1st week of May)
  • Sutton 10k (2nd week of May)
  • Dorking 10 Miles (1st week of June)
  • Richmond 10k (3rd week of June)
  • Elmbridge 10k (3rd week of July)
  • Wimbledon 5k (2nd week of August)
N.B. Event dates are indicative and may vary from year to year.

These local races regularly attract a very strong turnout from the Chasers (30 – 40 at each event) and there’s usually an informal social after the races for everyone to get together, share race stories and more often than not, celebrate new PBs!

You need to sign up for the races individually and race fees apply. These vary for each event but all offer a £2 discount if you are affiliated with England Athletics.

The races are more informal and relaxed than the road relays and are suitable for runners of all abilities. A number of our members enter these races with a view to enjoying some summer running rather than with a particular focus on time / performance.

However, for the competitive runners amongst you, don’t worry, you’ll be in good company - we have won the league on multiple occasions – both the men’s (2013 & 2011) and the women’s (2008 & 2007)! The first 3 finishers contribute to the team score and many of the events also incorporate the Surrey Championships over a particular distance (Richmond Half Marathon, Dorking 10 Miles and the Richmond 10k).

Further details about the Surrey Road League can be found at: http://www.surreyathletics.org.uk/road/league/

Contact Details

For any questions relating to road running, please feel free to contact any of the captains or vice captains below. To ensure that your email is answered as quickly as possible, please ensure that you copy in both the captain and vice-captain in your initial email.

Men's Road Running

Women's Road Running
  • Co-Captains: Jennifer Woolgar and Emma Hughes
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