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Cross Country

Are you ready for mud?

Cross Country (XC) is a great team event and a real highlight of the racing calendar for many of the club's members. The Chasers are well known for their great camaraderie and it's always on display in abundance at these events. We're not too bad at running either - the ladies team won the Surrey League in 2015/16, and the men successfully avoided relegation from the top division for the first time.

The Club’s XC running activity is primarily focussed on the following events, which typically run from October through to March:

    • Surrey Cross Country League
    • Surrey County Championship
    • South Of England XC Championship
    • National XC Championship

Further information on each is provided below, together with details of key training sessions and contact details for the club’s captains.

All paid members are invited to compete in cross country fixtures - these are advertised via the Facebook group.

How do I get involved?

For the league fixtures, you can just turn up on the day and register with the team captain or club representative who will then provide you with a race number. However, it would be helpful for the team captains to have an idea of numbers in advance of the race so please join the relevant event of the club's Facebook forum.

For the other events, teams need to be declared in advance of the race. Keep an eye out for notifications from the team captains who will take responsibility for submitting the entry form.

Please ensure that you arrive at the events in good time (no later than 30 minutes before the start) to ensure that there is sufficient time for you to collect your race number.

Do I need to be affiliated with England Athletics to take part?

Yes, you need to be an EA affiliated member to take part. If you do not currently have EA affiliation, please refer to our membership pages for details of how to upgrade your membership.

How much does it cost?

Surrey League fixtures are free to all club members (4 races). The County, Southern and National Championships cost between £4 and £6 to enter.

What distance are the races?

Men's = League fixtures are ~8km. The County, Southern and National Championships are held over distances ranging from 10km to 15km.

Women's = League Fixtures are between 6km and 8km. The County, Southern and National Championships are 8km

Do I need a club vest?

Yes all runners are required to wear a club vest and it was agreed at the club's annual general meeting that the new club running vest is required for all league fixtures paid for by the club.

If you are entering the County, Southern or National championships then you need to wear the new club running vest (not a club marathon vest with the big font). There is usually someone with a spare vest so if you don't have one then do ask around.

Do I need spikes?

Spikes are strongly recommended. While you may be able to get by with trainers or trail shoes for the first couple of fixtures (late autumn), weather conditions usually make spikes essential from December onwards.

In terms of recommended spike lengths you will probably need 9mm and then 12 or 15mm spikes for very muddy conditions.

Will I be last?

It's very unlikely and even if you are, it doesn't matter! XC is notoriously popular among the older generations and there are often runners over the age of 60 who plod round. 

What kind of facilities are available at the venues?

At most venues, the facilities are very basic so please come prepared. There is usually access to public toilets but changing facilities can be very limited. We usually leave bags grouped together near the start line but any valuables will be left at your own risk. A change of clothes is strongly recommended, as is a waterproof cover for your rucksack - the heavens often open mid-race! 

Who do I ask if I have any other questions?

Team Captains are listed below so feel free to get in touch should you have any questions.

Men's Captains: xcmens.chasers@gmail.com

  • Captain: Gary Salmon
  • Vice-Captain: Sam Robinson 
Women's Captains: xcladies.chasers@gmail.com
  • Co-Captain: Lucy Hancock
  • Vice-Captain: Rosemary Hurford

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