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Tuesday Track


Please warm up/cool down as per usual.

16th June: 500m easy / 500m harder x 6 to 10 (max 10K). Effort on hard should be just outside your comfort zone. 7/10 effort becoming 8/10 as session continues)

23rd June: 300m hard effort (8 to 9/10), 100m walk x 12 to 15

30th June: Pyramid session, 1/2/3/4/6/4/3/2/1 minutes with 70s recovery. Varied pace with distance (7 to 8/10)

7th July: 5 x 1000m @5to 10K race pace

14th July: Reverse Ladder session, 800m/400m/200m x 4 with 70s recovery. Strating at 5K race pace, getting slightly quicker on shorter distances.

Post virus session hopefully up soon. Take care and stay safe Chasers!!!

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