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Main Contact

Name Neil Aitken
Telephone 07970 189785 (please only call if urgent)
E-mail chasers.clapham@gmail.com

Memberships Secretary

Name Cathryn Lower
E-mail memberships.chasers@gmail.com
This is only for membership enquiries, please use the email above for general enquiries.


Name Andy Wyatt

This is only for payment enquiries/issues, please use the email above for general enquiries.

Session Information (most information is available on this website, please only email if there is a genuine question about joining a session)

Name General
E-mail chasers.clapham+sessions@gmail.com

This is only for session queries, please use the email at the top for general enquiries.

Media enquiries

Contact club communications officer Sam on email samburnejames@gmail.com (and if it's urgent, try tweeting him as well to increase the likelihood of a speedy response).

Facebook Group (awaiting approval): PLEASE do not email us chasing approval. We get a lot of requests to join from members and non-members and it can take a while to manage approvals while doing our other jobs. Thank you for your patience.

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