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Team 10k - The Spirit of the Chasers

Keen to improve your running? Want to move from 'going for a jog' to 'training for a race'? Feeling FOMO from all these folks having a fabulous time running, making friends and talking about how fabulous running is? It’s time to join Clapham Chasers' Team 10k programme (where we promise that non-running chat is available).

The club's three key values are that we are 'ambitious, sociable and inclusive' - and these are at the core of Team 10k.  Our training will build gradually over 10 weeks, following a programme designed to get you running strongly and enjoying it more than you have before.  At each session you'll be guided by the club's support crew and given homework (i.e. training) to get working on by the next session.  Whether you chose to join the run/walk group, or the continuous run groups you can expect to have three sessions in your diary each week, with the highlight being Wednesday with the team. 

Our next Team 10k starts in spring after the London Marathon.  

More than 250 people have gone through the programme over the past few years - to get involved, join the club (click here if you aren’t already a member), sign up to the event page here and look out for the latest info on the Team 10k group on Facebook.  Because consistency is key to running success you'll need to be available for at least 5 of the 10 weeks and this will give you the best preparation for the graduation 10k at the end of the programme.   We usually meet outside the Millennium Arena in Battersea Park, but on occasion venture to the club house at Trininty Road.   When we're at Battersea you can leave your bags inside the changing rooms at a cost of £3.20, and when we're at the club house you can leave your belongings there for free.  

If you have any questions or concerns at all regarding any aspect of the Team 10k programme, please contact Cathryn Rees at team10k.chasers@gmail.com.

If you have any payment issues when signing up as a new member, please contact Andy Wyatt at andywyatt44@hotmail.com

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